Nonprofit Grant Tracking and Billing with Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct Grant Tracking and Billing

Nonprofit Grant Tracking and Billing with Sage Intacct

Find out how to streamline grant tracking while simplifying compliance reporting.

When your nonprofit receives a grant, it’s important to properly manage it to ensure mission success and transparency. Many nonprofits turn to spreadsheets, but that often results in one-off fund tracking, ad-hoc procedures, and inconsistent reporting.

With Sage Intacct Grant Tracking and Billing, your nonprofit has a comprehensive solution for tracking grant-specific transactions and providing transparent reporting.

Check out this overview video, and discover how your organization can:

  • Centralize all grant documents and details for secure, comprehensive views, regardless of award type or funding source
  • Easily report and compare budget-to-actuals on grants, even on grants that have reporting periods that differ from your fiscal year
  • Expand your grant records to include details unique to your program

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how your organization can increase donor confidence while better managing, tracking, and reporting on your grants.

Watch the on-demand video today!